Once I heard of a river man,
he was a steamboat captain and a one man band
he could play that fiddle just as fast as you can
thats what i heard them say
but now they say that he's gone away

On the Cumberland river you could hear him play
and sing a little song bout the goodle days
pick a little tune bout the good ole days and
man that boy could play
you could hear him from miles away

i met an old man who told me
he listened to his records cause it made him feel better where he stands he said about who I am,
And sometimes I, get to thinking of how I listen to his records and it
makes me feel better bout living down
in a Mississippi river town

In tall buildings it made me cry,
when i first heard it in the heat of july,
boy it opened up my eyes
and brought me back on home
the river is where I roam now

I don't why
but something in his voice makes me wonder why i'm sitting here
driving through the old, old years
and the dark tide
it rolls through the valley and brings me back home
where i search the find
a little peace of mind