Wooville Remembers John Hartford…by: N. Hopwood {capo 3, key is B FLAT}

Ref: [Slumberin’ On The Cumberland, Turn Your Radio On, Gentle On My Mind, Long Hot Summer Days, Back In The Goodle Days, Steam Powered Aereo-Plane, Mississippi Queen, Mama Played The Calliope, Steamboat Whistle Blues, Skippin’ In The Mississippi Dew, Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie , Goin’ Back To Dixie, Let Him Go On Mama.]

[G] I sit barefoot on my back porch
As the sun rises over the [D] hills
Watching the Ohio River roll along
Gives me such a [G] thrill

[G] Think of some John Hartford song
And [G7] start to hum a[C]long
A song about Slumberin’ [G] on the Cumberland
Or [D] Turn Your Radio [G] On

[G] …Turn your Radio on and listen to the [C] music in the [G] air
…get in touch with God, [D] turn your radio [G] on… [G7]….

[C] Memories of John Hartford, fill my [G] mind
[D] All those songs he sang left [C] Gentle On My [G] Mind
He [C] told about the Delta Queen, the [G] Long Hot Summer [C] Days
[G] Make you feel just like you were there, Back [D] in the Goodle [G] Days [G run]

[C] Memories of John Hartford, fill my [G] head
Like the [D] Steam Powered Aereo-Plane and the [C] Mississippi [G] Queen
[C] Mama Played the Calliope, the [G] Steamboat Whistle [C] Blues
And [G] Skippin’ in the [D] Mississippi [G] Dew

[G] Rode with John one time on the Ohio River
[D] Me and my wooville [G] crew
He sang about Doin’ The Boogie [D] Way Up On The [G] Hill

He played [C] fiddle and the banjer, and [G] danced upon a [C] board
We [G] missed our stop while John played on
With [D] Wooville still a[G]board

Chorus: (first half only)

[G] I’m still out on the back porch
As the sun is sinking [D] down
Watchin the moon rise over the [G] river

I think of John once more, [G7] beyond that heavenly [C] shore
[G] Won’t you play me [D] Goin’ Back To [G] Dixie

[G] I’m goin’ back to Dixie
No [C] more I’m gwine to [G] wonder
My hearts turned back to Dixie
I [A] can’t stay here no [D] longer
I [G] miss the old plan[G7]tation
My [C] home and my relations
My [G] heart turns back to [C] Dixie
And [D] I must [G] go ……………Let Him Go On Mama, Don’t put him down for it now!