Carefree Gum Tree Canoe
Words and Music by Allie Burbrink
(Inspired by John Hartford’s version of “Gum Tree Canoe”)

We met on the banks of the wide blue river
You waved at me from your canoe
I waved back, you paddled up to me
A carefree day in June, carefree gum tree canoe

You steered us down each curve in the river
You learned my curves pretty well too
Paddlin’ in time, ripples a-dancin to our
Carefree rowing tune, carefree gum tree canoe

We found the sea and a ship to tow us
Tossed paddles out, rowing was through
But floating like feathers can’t last forever
Carefree days end soon, carefree gum tree canoe

You weren’t a man to stay tethered
You bought yourself a steamboat and crew
In your dreams I’m still beside you singing a
Carefree steamboat tune, but I won’t leave our gum tree canoe