Movin’ On
(influenced by or quoting from: “Tall Buildings,” “Gentle on my Mind,” and “Candy Mountain”

Verse 1:
“I’m bound to go where there ain’tno snow or rain or a woman’s fury.”
John packed bags, his pipe, his sack, a heavy heart and in a hurry.
He counted railroad ties and corn in lines as he walked off the heat and troubles.
As the sun lay back his odds were stacked, so by eight his pace was double, he said,

“Must be movin’ on
Feels like good things are gone
Many hours before dawn…
Must be movin’ on”

Verse 2:
He found a place where steel replaced the pines and vines with concrete.
The buildings were tall,didn’t sway at all, but he whispered, “Please don’t crush me.”
Hands shake hands, shake cans and every man was out to earn his dollar.
Buy stock, hock a watch, nurse the clock, be a doc, but you must wear or blue or white collar…be a judge a window washer.

Must be movin’ on
He said, “I’ve got nothin’ to pawn”
Many hours before dawn
Must be movin’ on

Verse 3:
John thumbed a ride, crossed the county line, where he thought he might find an offer
He found roofs in rows, the doors all closed, andhe didn’t find a soul to talk to.
The grass was green, the roads were clean, but he couldn’t see past the fences,
“The river calls, forget them walls,” he devised his own life sentence.

Must be movin’ on
Feels like something is wrong
Many hours before dawn
Must be movin’ on


Must be movin’ on
I’ll find me a steamboat for a song
Unwind the ties that bind my ship at dawn
Must be movin’ on