Howlin' At My Door. (Doin' My Time) is the John Hartford reference
Seasons change now summers gone
Autumns charm has long passed on
Canadian winds are howlin at my door

I look out across the ice and snow
Lake erie winds bitterly blow
a chill that settles deep your in bones
But baby I don't mind
Cause I am doin' my time with you

So I guess that we'll stay in
I'm not sure where the road begins
cause there is a few feet of snow or maybe more
But baby I dont mind
Doin my time with you

And the worst has yet to come
It might be months before the sun
finds its way into our home...

there is no pardon or parole
There is no bail that we can go
But baby I dont mind dear,
Justice is here is blind,
I am doin my time With you

Wood is stacked by the kettle stove
I've got some blankets that my mother wove
and some whiskey that will help this fire glow
So Baby I dont mind,
Doin my time with you