John Hartford Memorial Festival

We are a family friendly, kid friendly, dog friendly, jam friendly, just plain friendly bluegrass and folk music festival. We strive to reach the right number of people for your maximum comfort and will continue to limit the amount of multi-day tickets sold to just 2,000 Full-Festival Tickets.

About Nightlife Parties

We live in a world of bars, clubs, and music festivals. Great big venues, little bitty bars, each of which starts with a bang and then fizzles out like a 4th of July Roman Candle. We are fortunate to have the freedom to choose to celebrate our lives with music. Check out our nightlife guide to learn more about every option available.

Hourly Stage Schedule Announcement:

We are tickled to announce the Hourly Stage Schedule! In a little over a month every stage will soon be overflowing with folks plying their musical wares for you.

Relive The Festival Memories Official Video & Photo Recap

Take a digital stroll down memory lane and check out the images from our ace photographers Jules Dunlap, Aaron Lingenfelter and Will Huston of The Lot Scene.


Camping Info

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Brown County in Southern Indiana, in a little slice of heaven called Bean Blossom, the park is located on a 55-acre tract of land.


RSVP Your Non-Primitive Camp Site

We strongly urge you to make plans and reserve your camping spot with hookups now. If you'd rather not RSVP a spot with hookups, primitive 3-Day and 4-Day camping passes are available on our ticketing page.


Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to our 2019 contest winners in the Band and Songwriting categories. Our contestants continue to represent some of the most proficient pickers, performers and songwriters in the country.


"I was unable to attend the festival in person. Still, I was able to view images and videos from the previous year's event on a digital display during the festival, which gave me a feeling that I was present."
Alvin A Grayson
"The John Hartford Memorial Festival introduces you to fascinating themes while also providing you with a beautiful setting to camp and have a good time."
Shawn R Smith
"A warm and welcoming event where you may listen to and see a wide range of music."
Douglas B Brough

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