Head Over To The John Hartford Memorial Campout

Head Over To The John Hartford Memorial Campout

Music festivals are always the best things. But when there is a giant campout along with live music, the fun is doubled. There are no paid tickets for the event. All the visitors need to do is pay for the camping to participate. You must visit the website for information on camping and the process of making reservations.

The Host

It is hosted by Campground and Bill Monroe Music Park. Only the generous donations of the fans have made this occasion possible. We thank you all for your immense support. Everybody has been generous through their contributions for the 2020 festival and prior to that. With the new normal in place, things are looking up. Hopefully, the 2022 John Hartford Memorial Festival will be like the good old times.

Bill Monroe Music

We are cautious

We are cautious at the Bill Monroe Park and Campgroup and care about protecting the wellbeing of the campers and the other guests in the campout that we are organizing. All the health procedures will be followed at the festival, and the stringent guidelines should be adhered to. Find out about the complete guidelines on the website. BillMonrowMusicPark.com

Highlights of the event

A ten-inch barrier will be around the stage. Don’t worry; it is safe. Putting on a face mask is recommended when you are moving away from your group, even if you are from the state of Indiana. Though the mask rule has been lifted, we recommend you continue. Wear the facemask in the areas of the food vending, jam circles, restrooms, and at any indoor area, that might lead to interaction with others.

This is only to keep you safe and everybody else comfortable too. All the social distancing normal must be strictly followed when seating for the concert. Avoid sitting in the chairs belonging to the others. Please be careful about leaving the items unattended. All the chairs will have to be removed every night from the concert area. If you have a golf cart, there is a designated golf cart parking available for you. For eating purposes, use the pavilion. We have a strict rule about no smoking or vaping in the concert area. All these regulations will help you be comfortable while keeping others comfortable too.

John Hotze

Our lovely and wonderful founder, John Hotze, passed away on March 29th, 2021. John worked hard to bring together the kindred souls to preserve music in a unique manner of gathering. The John Hartford Memorial Festival is one such gathering, and it fulfils his vision.

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